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    Hey everybody,
    this site is awesome! everyone here seems so knowlegable and helpful. I am soon to be a bb owner. I have a family plan with AT&T. the kids like their iphones. I am in the market for a blackberry. I have been a closet addict for a long time but just haven't pulled the trigger yet. I just read kevin's review of the storm, it sounds so gorgeous! but then,the 8900 carrot is dangling and the bold on AT&T! WOW! now, never owning one before i was hoping to get some input/opinions, from you experts. what information can you share with me that you wish you had as a newbie?? the more rave reviews and more carriers jumping in with smartphones is overwhelming. one issue nobody ever mentions is, how are these phones outdoors?? when AT&T took over cingular,I got my gaughter an AT&T smartphone. she wanted something to compete with the sidekick all her friends had. this phone had windows mobil,and a keyboard. it was so bad outside,the screen was nearly invisble in most light and the lock-ups were severe, so this is my closest brush with a smartphone besides the iphone she has now,which is stellar,but I want a blackeberry, i am tired of nokia, so I thought i could get some input/war stories from you former newbies. I am glad to be a member of this site,even while not an owner yet,I feel special already, thanks
    11-09-08 01:30 PM
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    You can't pick a wrong one. I love my curve. No problems with it at all outside. Great device. Welcome to cb!

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    Welcome to Crackberry.com

    Edit: Sorry, hit the reply button by accident...

    I would try the iPhone out and see if you're comfortable with a touch screen as you mentioned the Storm.

    Bold... I just got it and dropped by iPhone like a bad habit. I love the screen resolution and love my bb messenger. Although I type faster on the iPhone's touchscreen, a lot of users find it difficult and if this is the case for you, the storm may not be a route to take.

    Curve 8900... Compared to the curve, I like everything about it better. The camera is 1.2MPs more with 3.2MP. The screen resolution is said to be better than the Bold and has a smaller form factor. I used Kevin's Curve 8900 and was not impressed as the device was too small for me.

    You definitely have a lot of options coming out from RIM. The best would be to get a hands on feel for each device. Go into an AT&T store and play with the bold. Also ask others that you may see carrying it around in your neighborhood on how they like the device. For me the screen has been more than perfect and I love it.

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    welcome to crackberry!!
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    Welcome to CB!

    Enjoy the addiction
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    Looks like you're already receiving great feedback on the CB welcome wagon :d

    Welcome to CB! Take advantage of the BB 101 and the powerfull search engine to dig through this bottomless pit of Cracberry knowledge for stuff already answered. Post on those existing threads or post a new one if need be. Many folks here happy to help

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    11-09-08 05:50 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry. So many choices!! I am really liking the Storm also, but holding out for the 8900. (I think) Hard to choose with so many fantastic Berrys coming out. Good Luck
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    Hello and welcome to CB.

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    Welcome to the CB family! Glad to have another member aboard!
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    well congrats..Im new to this BB too got a 8310 with AT&T the only thing I did not like and discovered too late is that the 8310 does not have wi-fi..
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    welcome to CB
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!!!
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!!!!

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