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    Well, today I join the blackberry community. My sprint contract is now up, and due to some issues with them I decided to change to alltel. I had no intention of getting blackberry service, but after doing some shopping for plans and phones, I fell in love with the 8330 curve, and just had to have one. So, my curve is currently on the fedex truck, scheduled to be delivered by 4:30pm today. I have a few quick questions. I am shopping for a memory card. Do I need a micro sdhc card, or some other type of card? Is one brand better than others? After doing some shopping on a few websites, I see reviews on amazon and newegg posted of people saying some cards aren't working in their phones. I really would hate being in that boat. I have been surfing this forum for 2 days now learning bout blackberry. In fact this forum helped persuade me to go blackberry rather than just voice service.
    08-21-08 08:47 AM
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    Awsome! Welcome to CB!
    You need a micro SD.
    08-21-08 08:49 AM
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    Welcome and Enjoy. I found the no name type memory cards caused me headaches.
    08-21-08 08:50 AM
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    Hello and welcome aboard!
    08-21-08 08:51 AM
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    welcome to the family!
    08-21-08 08:52 AM
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    Hi and welcome to CB. I have the 8330 and absolutely love it. No complaints at all. I also just purchased a scandisk 2 gig sdhc and it works great....again, welcome to the family.

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    08-21-08 08:53 AM
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    Welcome to CB

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    08-21-08 08:55 AM
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    Good morning and welcome to CB.

    Haven't heard any concerns about sd cards. If you stay with a known brand name you should be ok.
    08-21-08 08:58 AM
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    welcome to bb world
    08-21-08 08:58 AM
  10. srplummer's Avatar
    08-21-08 09:01 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry.

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    08-21-08 09:02 AM
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    Congrats and Welcome. I use a SanDisk 2gig card and has been fine.

    Also, just in case you didn't know, the card goes in the phone under the battery on the 8330.
    08-21-08 09:13 AM
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    Welcome to the family. I have the 8330 and SanDisk card. I have not had a problem yet. Prepare to become addicted.

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    08-21-08 10:09 AM
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    Welcome to CB! I'd get a 4gb Sandisk micro SD card. Don't know if the 8gb card is supporte. I have the 2gb and have no complaints. Other than if you have a lot of pics its a little slow viewing.
    Keep on Cracking!!!!
    08-21-08 10:34 AM
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    I have a Sandisk 4G - works perfect, and just ordered an 8G one from ebay for 15 including postage [cheaper than the 4G one I bought from an Orange Uk store]
    08-21-08 10:42 AM
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    Welcome to CB and the BB Family!! I'd say go with ScanDisk as well.
    08-21-08 10:53 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    08-21-08 11:01 AM
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    Welcome to CB, enjoy the addiction!
    08-21-08 11:13 AM
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    Welcome newbie.
    08-23-08 05:05 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!!!
    08-26-08 11:22 AM