1. comatose2002's Avatar
    I am a 27 year old guy from Toronto new to Crackberry, and also looking for fun easy going people to chat to on blackberry messenger. is anyone interested??
    if so my pin is: 3046D900
    talk soon.
    04-22-09 06:41 PM
  2. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    Comatose, Welcome to CrackBerry!! If you spend many hours here without sleep, you will feel comatose!
    04-22-09 06:43 PM
  3. comatose2002's Avatar
    haha thank you.
    04-22-09 07:37 PM
  4. Username0223's Avatar
    welcome to CB comatose!! enjoy your new addiction. also here is a link to others who share their pins to socialize also!! enjoy!


    also, you may want to check out the blackberry 101 lecture too for great info!!!
    04-22-09 07:51 PM
  5. bb_craze's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    04-22-09 09:57 PM
  6. Iceman's Avatar
    Welcome to the addiction...
    04-22-09 10:06 PM
  7. moedaddy2121's Avatar
    now that you are on this site, you will find alot of helping people. welcome to the addiction. ask and you shall receive.
    04-22-09 10:24 PM
  8. garvicad's Avatar
    welcome to CB
    04-23-09 04:32 AM
  9. crs7088's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    04-23-09 04:34 AM
  10. V14N's Avatar
    welcome to CB
    04-23-09 06:10 AM