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    Hello All!! I am also a new member to the crackberry site I have ATT service and just received a blackberry pearl. I find the info to be great on here. However, I'm not sure if anyone has asked a couple of these questions so i might as well go ahead and ask them now.

    1. Can someone help me with my ATT home screen message "Data connection refused" I donno what this is but I am signed up for a data plan.

    2. I would like to download aim only as a messager. Should I got to AIM.com?

    3. I would like to download the latest operating system for the pearl but I'm lacking key words in the previous threads that would give me a conclusion to which is the right one for my pearl.

    4. I would like to add a free application to view word, ppt, and excel docs too. I noticed there is one for view/edit but its not available yet is that right?

    If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.
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    07-20-07 09:38 AM
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    They have not enable the blackberry service (bis or bes). That's why you get the message "data connection refused".
    07-20-07 10:58 AM
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    When your data connection goes active, that message should go away.

    For AIM, you can try something like JiveTalk

    Look at the sticky's at the top of the 8100 forum for the latest OS to download.

    Search the forums for an application called BeamBerry. It might work for what you need.
    07-20-07 05:11 PM