1. grisselpearl's Avatar
    I got back from a trip to NY and when I went to transfer my pictures and videos to my computer using the sd adapter it was all gone! and even when I put it into my phone it was all gone and kept saying error on card. now i've recovered the pictures using zero assumption recovery, BUT it did not recover all the videos I recorded. Any suggestions on how I can get them back????
    I don't want to format the card yet until I know i've done everything possible to bring my videos back to life.
    10-12-08 04:15 PM
  2. sunkast's Avatar
    Hey Grissel, I have already replied to your original thread that you posted. If you could please not make duplicate or cross posts. This is a very active forum and having two identical threads can cause confusion. Thanks.
    10-12-08 04:24 PM