1. karabare's Avatar
    Hey everyone! My name is Kara and I am a newbie here. Just got my BlackBerry the other day so I am super new to CrackBerry ... lol Just wanted to say hello!!!!
    09-10-08 03:38 PM
  2. 49ways's Avatar
    Hey hey hey! Welcome and enjoy!
    09-10-08 03:39 PM
  3. kcurve's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry! Take a good look around I am sure you will find most of your questions already answered around here somewhere! Enjoy the addiction
    09-10-08 03:50 PM
  4. ArGiEs's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry from one barely past Newbie! Read up in the Blackberry Tips, How-To, + FAQs forum here-there's a wealth of good + important info there!
    09-10-08 04:11 PM
  5. fatboy97's Avatar
    I recommend you read the Blackberry 101 lessons here on CB... I put a link in my signature below.
    09-10-08 04:14 PM
  6. mikecc's Avatar
    Which Blackberry did you get? I am still waiting for the Thunder
    09-10-08 04:18 PM
  7. TyD's Avatar
    Welcome.. Def. Check out the 101 lectures

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-10-08 04:33 PM
  8. greg24's Avatar
    hey welcome to CB!!
    09-10-08 04:37 PM
  9. kazuma5401's Avatar
    Sup all. Another new guy here. Just got my curve the other day. Lol and I already have had problems verizon should hire me for R an D guarentee I break it lol.

    But I do like this phone. So I aint givin up yet. Havin some problems navigatin this site with my curve. Its only postin the 10 most recent threads. Wonderin if that's normal?

    But any way. Sup all I'm kazuma! I'm sure you'll hear from me at some point cause my job leaves me to play with curve a lot!
    09-10-08 04:47 PM
  10. mtc019's Avatar
    Welcome Kara, I`m in the same boat as you, very new to BB`s. There is a TON of great info and people here to help with the addiction.
    09-10-08 04:59 PM
  11. Dormio's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    09-10-08 06:26 PM
  12. GregMargie's Avatar
    Welcome Kara! Hope you enjoy your new BB! Pull up a chair, as you will be able to learn everything about your BB here......lots of great knowledgeable people!
    09-10-08 06:30 PM
  13. jm2hill's Avatar
    welcome to cb!!
    09-10-08 06:38 PM
  14. saechavarry's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    09-11-08 08:53 AM
  15. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry!!!

    09-19-08 10:41 AM
  16. gritmaster's Avatar
    Hi Karabare, welcome to the CB family.

    Time to update your profile. You are no longer a "not a blackberry/smartphone user"
    09-19-08 10:45 AM
  17. JavaRia's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to CB
    09-19-08 10:47 AM
  18. llasso's Avatar
    Welcome to CB, enjoy the addiction!
    09-19-08 10:53 AM
  19. miss_michelle's Avatar
    Welcome to CB Kara!!!
    09-19-08 11:14 AM
  20. cnew21's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! Enjoy your BB. You will become an addict in no time.
    09-19-08 11:42 AM
  21. Crackberrykills's Avatar
    Welcome to the land of CB, Kara. I hope you enjoy.
    09-19-08 07:44 PM
  22. mding4gold's Avatar
    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!! Enjoy your stay!!
    09-20-08 08:46 AM
  23. kingrx's Avatar
    welcome to cb! enjoy your bb!
    09-20-08 12:09 PM