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    Ok, I've had my BB for about a month (8350i) and I'm just lost. There are a few things I'm wondering. Can someone please help me out?

    1. Is there an app or anything that is a part of my phone that will allow me to check out music without me having do install some monthly payment program?

    2. Sometimes my brother tries to send me video or picture files via text and they don't appear. Sometimes it says the file cannot be viewed by my device, other times it's just blank. Any suggestion?

    3. Are there any security or maintenance programs that I should be aware of that I don't know of that I can get?

    I would greatly appreciate any help at all. And for the record, I need specifics. I'm very slow and just being given links without someone mapping it out for me as to what and why just confuses me more.

    Thanks all.
    03-09-09 09:28 PM
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    You can watch music videos through youtube. It is streaming video though so be aware of how much data you're pulling . Other than that you're going to be looking at spending money... I would suggest downloading all your music... Legally if at all possible lol. And move it to your phone

    Any pictures sent to me have to be opened from a website on my pc. Annoying, yes... But that's the way it is

    There is security. You can set passwords, there's a firewall, and anytime you pull the battery you'll see the security scan come up and make sure all the software is still running properly.

    Have fun with your phone

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    03-09-09 11:47 PM