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    Hey you guys! (Goonies quote, recognize!)

    I've had my BB Curve 8330 for a couple weeks now and one of the first sites I found was CrackBerry when I needed some questions answered. It's been a tremendous help since I bricked my berry once already (Yes, I will tinker with it until it breaks and then ask you guys to save me!). That how-to guide was perfect, got the battery pull and hit next trick on the first try! This is a great site with lots of insight into all things berry flavored - kudos!

    Now onto my questions:

    1) I've read a whole whack of threads on various problems of the 4.3 media player not recognizing all mp3s/wma etc on a media card. But I've yet tofind a definitive answer as to what is causing it and if there is a remedy (other than a 3rd party app of course). Does anyone know for sure what the deal is? Is there a work around?

    2) Along the same line, does anyone whose carrier has been kind enough to release 4.5 already (Telus, so slow!) know if this problem is fixed or not in the media player with 4.5?

    3) Is anyone running Dataviz Docs2Go on 4.5 and have they noticed any issues with it? It's tremendously important that I have a stable and useful Word/Excel capable program and thought Docs2Go was a great app on my old Palm T5. I've seen these other apps like DocHawk or whatever asking for a yearly subscription... that's pretty lame I think lol So I'd like to stay away from them.

    Thanks in advance!
    10-02-08 10:37 PM