1. harbingerofdoom's Avatar
    sometimes i see a 'D' over the checkmark indicating the message has been sent.
    what the heck is that D for? i cant seem to find any information on that...
    06-14-08 07:49 PM
  2. fantom1023's Avatar
    I believe it means "Delivered". Have a good one and welcome to CRACKberry!!
    06-14-08 07:53 PM
  3. keywest610's Avatar
    It does mean delivered. I also have Verizon and you will see an "R" on messages received. Not sure if it's only on Verizon, but that's what it is.
    06-14-08 07:57 PM
  4. keywest610's Avatar
    I think that's only on Verizon to Verizon texts. I just checked my BB and I don't see it for people I text outside Verizon.
    06-14-08 07:59 PM
  5. harbingerofdoom's Avatar
    keywest: i think you may be right..
    i dont know anyone outside work that is on verizon and suddenly i recall that the ONE person from work (we are all on vzn for work) that i send messages to has that D when i send things...
    i dont ever see an R however... not that it matters.
    and thanks for the welcome!
    06-14-08 09:17 PM
  6. jenaywins's Avatar
    Yup. It is verizon to verizon specific. All of verizon's phones have this feature.

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    06-14-08 09:18 PM
  7. NightFire's Avatar
    I'm with at&t, and I also have the same feature.
    06-14-08 10:12 PM
  8. ashantiblack's Avatar
    D is Delivered
    R is Received

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    06-14-08 11:11 PM
  9. jdwx's Avatar
    I'm on Alltel, I see the D on some, and nothing on others...

    I know texts to my friend with T-Mobile doesn't show anything more than the check mark.

    I have yet to see an R though.

    I see the D on other Alltel users. Now I have to start checking what people have, I'm curious now.
    06-15-08 12:03 AM
  10. chaoticblissx's Avatar
    Are you guys talking text messages or PIN messages?? I'm with Telus in Canada, very similar to Sprint in the US. I only get a little D for my PIN messages once they have been confirmed delivered. It would be nice to have some sort of confirmation for regular text messages to my friends that are not addicted to a berry yet!!!!!
    06-15-08 12:13 AM
  11. jdwx's Avatar
    I'm talking about (sms) text. I really don't send many PIN messages.
    06-15-08 12:19 AM
  12. chaoticblissx's Avatar
    I wish more of my close friends would upgrade to a berry just for the PIN messages!! They are so much better than SMS. More reliable and faster. But untill then I will just have to find users here (CB) to PIN with and the small group of friends I do have that I've convienced to risk the addiction
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    06-15-08 12:40 AM