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    Hi guys-
    I'm a newbie-to BB and to forums. If this is covered somewhere else, please point me to where I need to go. I am trying to avoid calling Sprint again and trying to get help from them.
    I've been setting up my new Curve this morning and thought all was going well until I click on my browser button and it takes me to the last page I was at (maybe) and I can't find where to go to any other kind of webpage. I'm not totally illiterate when it comes to electronics, but this has me baffled...and if you're laughing your head off right now because of the stupidity of my question, I'm glad I could make someone happy today
    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or if something is configured correctly w/my phone so I can start browsing the internet? I have BIS, not BES and as far as I can tell, everything else I'm using is working correctly. I'm thinking that maybe I didn't configure something correctly or something is turned off that should be turned on. I've scoured the lecture series, my Curve Guides, etc.
    I'm about to cry and pull my hair out
    Thanks for your help
    11-04-08 02:22 PM
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    I had a hard time with that in the beginning too! Push your menu button to the left of your track ball and you should have a "go to" option. Select that and you should get an address bar.

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    11-04-08 02:40 PM
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    welcome to crackberry..both of you!
    11-04-08 02:53 PM
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    If you are on the BIS, you could get stuck on the email set up page and hitting menu, you will not find "go to." If this is your problem you need to clear your cache (Menu > Options > Cache) and close your browser (Menu> Close) Once you reopen the browser you will now have the go to option.
    11-04-08 02:53 PM
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    Are you using the blackberry browser? You should be able to click into to the URL bar at the top of the page and type another website there, or you can click menu - GO TO - and it will bring you there.

    hope that helps a little.
    11-04-08 03:01 PM
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    Thanks, everyone! Figured out that Sprint had changed something w/the account this morning and I had to take the battery out to reset everything...so I wasn't as crazy as I thought I was!! Hopefully we're on the road to recovery So far, I'm a complete Blackberry convert!!
    11-04-08 03:51 PM
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    Welcome to CB, looks like others have answered your questions :-)
    11-04-08 04:02 PM
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    Hello and welcome to CB.

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    11-04-08 05:30 PM
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    Welcome to CB - you're one of us now!
    11-04-08 09:49 PM