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    I have been with T-Mobile for 18 mos and I finally got it right with this new 8900! Due to changes I needed something better than my plain old Nokia so last Dec I called up and told them I wanted to leave because it was highway robbery to charge that much for a phone when new clients would get them for peanuts. Finally a rep understood and talked me into a 3rd line with a Behold for reasonable pricing.

    Now the Behold was a nice phone BUT still did not fit my needs and I did not need a 3rd line (way around the problem) so I called several times in April and May and finally decided to just pay the termination fee, sell the behold and go somewhere else. With that in mind I called and a very nice rep squared me away with me now having 2 unlimited lines for $89.95 plus the BB plan for the 8900.

    I am still learning but I can say it is exactly what I both want and think I need. My daughter has been helping me understand the BB like and introduced me to the BB Messenger. Yesterday my grandkids called with "love" voice notes to PawPaw and me and now hubby wants one of "those things". He needs to wait until Sept when he qualified for the upgrade because it is still highway robbery for a price like that....

    BUT I am a satisfied customer to both T-Mobile and the BB!

    And thanks to those that run this board and to those that help the newbies by taking the time to post... I have learned a lot here in the last few weeks and hope to keep it up! Now if only someone posted a free budget app....
    06-14-09 05:48 PM