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    Hello there,

    I've been reading the threads here on and off for a while but just registered recently. I don't curently have a BB but as soon as I'm due for my NE2 in June I'll have one again.
    I actually only had a used Curve for a short time before the Storm came out. I planned to get one so I gave the Curve to my GF and went back to the Voyager thinking it was going to be VERY temporary. Well here I am, quite a while later and still no BB. Before that I had the LG V 9800, LG enV 9900 and then the Voyager then Curve and back to Voyager.
    I got really nervous when I started hearing and seeing all the things the Storm owners were originally dealing with. I got scared and backed out knowing I was not up to the task of updating the Storm constantly with the Beta OS's. Not that I wouldn't want ot learn it but I am a newbie and can't garuntee the time needed right now. I wasn't due for an upgrade but it's been my experience that if you want to upgrade a few months early they normally let you do it just with out the NE2 credit.
    Well I am still fighting the urge to by another Curve to hold me over. I would really like to the see the Storm up to par by the time the Niagra comes out because I would love to test the 2 side by side...and honestly I really hope the storm wins out. I love the idea of the large screen, maybe even more so now that I have been using a Voyager but reliability with out NEEDED tweaking is most important. Aslo looks like I may spending more and more time over seas so a world phone is what I am looking for.
    I've played with the Storm in store and other users and the one thing I was worried most about (the virtual keyboard) it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would have been. After maybe 30 minutes on a friends I was typing really well. Close to what I am able to do on the Voyager (which happens to have a very nice keyboard in my opinion) Maybe because the keyboards are actually pretty close in size. I've read about some typing lag but my friend's definitely wasn't having a problem with that. Don't know what version OS he was running either.
    Anyway...here I am can't wait to get a BB again as well become part of the CB community.
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    03-29-09 05:05 PM
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    welcome to the crack!
    03-29-09 05:06 PM
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    Welcome to CB, everything you want to know is here, you came to the right place...
    03-29-09 05:07 PM
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    Wow that was fast!
    Thanks for the welcome!
    I really can't wait to get a BB back in my life and dive in!
    I'm all ready doing tons of research so I know what to expect before buying and where to post when I need some help.
    I understand most are here to help and that following the rules of the site and proper posting is key to keeping everything runnng smoothly and making it as easy as possible to find what your looking for.
    03-29-09 05:22 PM
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    You can find it all at crack.
    03-29-09 06:49 PM
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    Welcome to CB. I've only been here a short time but am amazed at how much information that's here.
    03-29-09 08:36 PM
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    There really is so much on here I go from being excited to intimidated and back again. Really can't wait to get back to a Black Berry. Wish I knew about this site when I originally got my Curve. I would have never given it up to my girl friend.
    I really can't complain too much though. She really uses it and loves it. She hasn't signed up on here as far as I know, normally she just comes to me and I come on here, search for what I need and in 30 seconds to 10 minutes the problem is always solved. So nice not having to call a VZW to get help.
    03-30-09 08:32 AM
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    Welcome brother
    04-05-09 05:54 PM
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    Welcome back! BB are the best! I had a voyager also, don't get me wrong I like but I love my bb curve.
    04-08-09 10:36 AM