1. CaliGirl's Avatar
    So I just got my blackberry, first ever, Sunday, and of course I have to download all the cool features, right? Ive been seraching and I found the Opera Mini and thought I would give it a try. I downloaded it and it didnt work...oh well....I kinda dont care that much at this point anyway. So I deleted it, just as I deleted the pervious failed application, and turned off my phone to reboot. When I turned it back on the Opera Icon was still there, but I received an error messege when I clicke on it. I went to Adv Apps to delete it again, and it wasnt there. Whats going on here?
    04-19-07 04:59 PM
  2. MMB916's Avatar
    Congratulations on your new addition and welcome to the Wonderful World of Crackberry!!

    What process did you use to install Opera mini? OTA?
    04-19-07 05:08 PM
  3. CaliGirl's Avatar
    OTA? I found the website online, typed it into my blackberry and ansered the questions then downloaded....thats OTA right?
    04-19-07 05:17 PM
  4. kasperapd's Avatar
    Yes, that is OTA. How did you delete it?
    04-19-07 06:38 PM
  5. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    You probably have to delete the 'module' for it (options / advanced options / applications / press the thumbwheel / modules...)

    Also, if it was not working you were probably missing the APN (wap.voicestream.com)...

    ps: I say reinstall it, and add the APN! It should work...
    04-19-07 07:10 PM
  6. CaliGirl's Avatar
    I deleted the module and bye-bye icon. Thanks so much!
    04-19-07 08:12 PM
  7. MMB916's Avatar
    Great the issue is resolved. Sorry about the OTA abbreviation - Glad all is well!
    04-19-07 11:10 PM
  8. tmag2005's Avatar
    Welcome and glad its all sorted...

    However if you do want it, i am sure we could have resolved the problem. I certainly think it is worth having...

    It might have been the APN Setting in your Options that was preventing you from opening it.
    04-20-07 06:29 AM
  9. CaliGirl's Avatar
    I'm definatly going to try and install it again, this time when I'm not so frustrated, and after I've done some research. It seems like it is worth having. Will it allow me to view site that currently say they can not be seen? I hope that makes sense...I keep getting messeges at sites that are not supported by the blackberry browser, will Opera Mini reslove this?
    04-20-07 10:14 AM
  10. tmag2005's Avatar
    Opera will allow you to view most things. When downloading an iteam, it may direct you to the BB Browser. But you have more than enopugh experience on this site (among others) that someone will be able to help you.
    04-20-07 10:36 AM
  11. cheungsta's Avatar
    Hiya and congrats on the new CrackBerry! I'm a new owner too...just got it about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and i haven't put it down yet...

    As for the Opera Mini vs BB Browser...i've experienced that for certain sites, the BB Browser is easier / faster (i.e. ESPN scoreboard), and for other sites, Opera Mini is better. Just play around with them and you'll figure out what u'r more comfortable with.

    Have fun!!
    04-20-07 10:46 AM
  12. CaliGirl's Avatar
    For anyone else out there who is new at this and had the same problem downloading the Opera Mini -

    Go to Menu - Options - Advanced Options - TCP - after APN type wap.voicestream.com

    This fixed the problem immedatly.
    04-20-07 11:32 AM
  13. tmag2005's Avatar
    Glad the APN worked....
    04-20-07 03:19 PM
  14. kasperapd's Avatar
    For anyone else out there who is new at this and had the same problem downloading the Opera Mini -

    Go to Menu - Options - Advanced Options - TCP - after APN type wap.voicestream.com

    This fixed the problem immedatly.
    This will only work if you are on T-Mobile US. Other carriers have different APN's.
    04-20-07 04:01 PM
  15. FishHugger's Avatar

    I am a new BB user, reluctantly taking the plunge after years of being a Palm devotee...but that's another thread altogether.

    I have a Verizon 8830, tried to install Opera 4.2 beta using Desktop Manager, wasn't sure if it worked as it reported 0 bytes, and no Opera icon showed up on my BB - though Opera did show up in the BB's application list. Deleted the application and went round and round a few times before realizing by reading on this forum that OTA was a better way.

    So now I have the icon but when I click it it goes through a long install and then hangs with the message "Failed to connect to the internet, go to operamini.com help..."

    So I went to Opera mini help, checked for the correct Verizon APN setting, and it said I didn't need one. Anyone have similar experience or a solution for this problem?
    09-14-07 04:09 PM
  16. masmusic's Avatar
    I am trying the same thing and came across your post. Opera mini's website also says see verizon BB manual, which of course has no information.

    Any help out there? What is the APN for verizon?
    09-16-07 08:27 PM
  17. CaliGirl's Avatar
    After many months of successful OperaMini usage, I too have been recieving a connection problem. When I use the regular BB browser I can connect just fine, but when I try to use the OperaMini I get the message "Failed to connection the Internet" message. Was wondering if anyone knew what was going on?
    09-16-07 10:45 PM
  18. Mark007's Avatar
    Crap! I'm getting the same error.
    09-17-07 02:43 PM
  19. mr-o's Avatar
    Out of interest, is there any way to use the Opera mini browser and NOT get charged for data? I'm on O2 in the UK with the Blackberry unlimited data tariff but using Opera charges me on the O2 data tariff which is simply a ridiculous state of affairs. Surely everything I do on my blackberry should come under the unlimited blackberry tariff?
    10-15-07 05:37 AM
  20. mr-o's Avatar
    Anyone able to shed light on my above problem?

    01-09-08 09:41 AM
  21. Hazysky's Avatar
    I too have noticed o2 wap costs extra outside the BB unlimited plan on o2 and am considering contacting ofcom (uk Telecommunicaions watchdog) about this.
    01-09-08 04:54 PM