1. jaray's Avatar
    I've been using my new 7130e for about a week now. Love it, but am wondering how I can stop it from receiving email on the fly. Such as during the day when i'm in the office anyway and don't want email coming to both my desktop and BB.
    I believe I can go to my provider website where I configure my push email addresses, and tell it not to forward, but that is kind of cumbersome.

    any suggestions?

    I am simply using push email from 3 pop3 accounts. No syncing to PC or mail client whatsoever.

    05-24-07 09:54 AM
  2. kasperapd's Avatar
    You can turn the data off on the device, but I'm pretty sure when you turn it back on, all those emails will suddenly flood your inbox. The only way you can stop it is to remove it from BIS and then re-add it later. That's more trouble than it's worth. Maybe you need to look at getting a hosted BES. That way the desktop and BlackBerry will also stay sync'd together wirelessly.
    05-24-07 09:59 AM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    The one wish I have for BlackBerry is being able to turn off BES emails for a day, or something. Sometimes it's the weekend, and I still want BIS emails, but not BES (they just get me mad on the weekend - it's not like I get paid to work 24/7/365)...

    But, since email is RIM's biggest selling point, I can't see them developing a feature like that...
    05-25-07 07:52 AM