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    Good day, everyone! I've been a member here for three years now, mostly a lurker for a number of years and now a regular contributor. I have noticed a trend that I would like to address in the hopes of improving our community. Sometimes new members start new threads that a)lack details or context in the title and/or b) are not posted in the proper forum. I am hoping that new members, before starting a new thread will consider how they title their thread and where they choose to post their thread so that those who want to help address their issue or contribute to the thread will be able to do so in the most constructive way. In other words, please don't title your thread 'Help!!!" or "Newbie need help with BB!". These threads are not helpful to other CB members who read the title of the thread and do not know at first glance if they can be of assistance to the thread author. Furthermore, it is important to consider which forum you place your thread in, because posting it in the correct forum will enable you to receive quick and quality assistance from other CB members. Most threads should not be posted in the General forum. If you're having a technical problem with your 9800, post it in that forum and give your thread a title that will enable other CB members to understand your issue (ex ' "Problem-Constant Reboot Cycle). If you're looking for a theme for your Pearl, post in that forum, etc. Generally, there is a forum for whatever question/ subject you want to post about. I am simply posting this thread today in the hopes that new members can consider the thread titles they choose and the forums they place their threads in. I wish you all the best with your BlackBerries and hope you enjoy CB
    10-15-11 11:26 AM