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    Hi. I just found this site after trying to get a question answered by friends, family, AT&T, etc. I am looking forward to learning how to better use my BB Curve. Thus far I have jsut been doing the basics - phone, calendar, reading (some) email.

    This leads to my question. I am using BIS and have linked to a bellsouth email account. However, I can only receive my emails on the BB when I remember to shut down OUtlook on my home computer. Is there a setting somewhere I have wrong? Should I be able to change a setting in Outlook so that when it takes my email down to my PC if doesn't delete from server (and thus BB can access them too?)

    Any ideas?
    11-07-07 07:39 PM
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    I believe you have configured your Bellsouth email account where it doesn't leave the messages on your server. That's why when your Outlook is open, it downloads your emails to Outlook and nothing is pushed to your device since those email does not exist anymore. Check your Outlook configure and your Bell email set up.

    This happened with me on my Yahoo business account where I had set it up to "not" leave messages on the server. So when I opened my Outlook and I received emails, nothing was being forward to my BB device.
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    11-07-07 10:04 PM
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    Thanks for the help. I was able to resolve the issue today once I drilled far enough into my email setup to find the appropriate box to check.
    11-08-07 06:40 PM