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    I just purchased a Pearl, and I've been using it all day. One thing that I've noticed is that my microSD card doesn't seem to be detected in the phone, even though I can detect it when I plug the phone into the computer. Is this normal? Should I be putting everything into a specific folder so that I can access it?
    08-28-08 02:55 PM
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    are you putting the files into their individual folders? (ie, music into the music folder, pictures into the picture folder) or are you just adding them straight to the microSD card? if you go to My Computer, click on the removable drive folder for your bb a menu should pop up with the word Blackberry. click on that and it should open the folder containing the individual file folders for the different subjects of the microSD card. Music, Pictures, Ringtones, Videos, etc etc
    08-28-08 03:13 PM
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    When your BB is plugged into the pc you will not see your media card on the device as it is 'in use'.

    Make sure you go to options > advanced options > media card and have media card support set to 'on', mass storage mode support to on and auto enable mass storage when connected to on.
    08-28-08 03:52 PM
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    Mass Storage Mode is usually the solution.

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