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    I'm a Sprint Advanced Tech fresh out of training. I'm am wanting to learn and contribute various work arounds and hacks. I am currently using a 7130e on USCellular. I was fine with it till I started working at Sprint and realized that USCellular's data is absolutely nothing compared to Sprint's data speeds. I am definitely switching soon. Sprint just got the Pearl so that is definitely an option at this point. Let me know what you think.
    12-13-07 09:44 AM
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    welcome to cb. i have a bb pearl and love it.
    12-13-07 09:46 AM
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    Be sure to let us know if a CDMA curve is coming soon haha.
    12-13-07 09:50 AM
  4. rkoch03's Avatar
    I will definitely let you know. I am waiting for it myself.
    12-13-07 11:45 AM
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    Welcome to CB, rkoch03
    12-13-07 12:29 PM
  6. rkoch03's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the warm welcome.
    12-13-07 12:41 PM
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    Welcome aboard and enjoy!!!
    12-13-07 02:38 PM
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    Welcome to the CB fam!
    12-13-07 04:03 PM
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    welcome to the crack,,,
    the pearl is awesome...

    12-13-07 05:19 PM
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    Welcome, lots of great people and helpful info on this site!
    12-13-07 05:26 PM
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    Welcome to CB, enjoy your staty!!
    12-13-07 06:17 PM
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    Happy to have ya on board!
    12-13-07 06:19 PM
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    LOVE THE PEARL!!! You will, TOO!
    12-18-07 06:31 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

    The one thing about the Sprint Blackberry 8130 Pearl is that Sprint Blocked MMS, which I am very disgruntle about. I had the Sprint 7130e and that is a crappy BB. It has to be replaced 3 times go for the Pearl if you get a choice.
    12-18-07 06:36 PM