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    I've been a BB user for, oh, about 5 years. I started with a 7250, I think, and then changed to a 7130e. Both were with Verizon. I really enjoyed the tethered modem capabilities of the 7130e.

    So now my company is no longer funding my cell phone so I have to go out on my own. I'm comparing the Bold, Curve, and Niagra. I can't see much of a difference between the Bold and Curve, and I don't get what's special about the Niagra. I've been happy with the included capabilities of my other BBs. I'm not a big games/multimedia/apps person; the phone is mostly for business use. Whatever I end up with, I'll probably put one or two games on it, perhaps a utility or scientific calculator (if available) and that'll be it. IMs and Texting are a rare occurance for me.

    I'm particular to Verizon as that's what my company uses, but I was a Cingular customer for a long long time. I chatted with a T-Mobile rep today and their prices for data plans + tethered modem is a heck of a lot better than Verizon or AT&T. I am wondering how good the coverage of AT&T and T-Mobile is in the Denver area.

    I'm confused by terms like CDMA and GSM, and I keep hearing "3G" all the time and I'm guessing that means faster Internet for the phone. I'm not stupid, I just haven't yet spent a lot of time researching. So, this seems like the best forum to do that.

    If you'd like to perhaps give me a few pointers on the phones, terms, and questions I've mentioned here I would be most appreciative. I'll do my best to search thoroughly before I post questions!

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