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    Truthfully, got here a week ago, pardon my late intro. I'm happy to be here in what appears to be the one stop blackberry shop , with everything from answers to accessories for bb. This is my first blackberry , always wanted one, finally I have a phone with unlimited on device browsing. Say it with me "unlimited on device browsing" ....if like me your are in a third world country this little feature gives one goosebumps.

    In saying that its time for me bump the forums and hope you all are safe in this new year.


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    Welcome to the Crackberry Forums.
    01-05-11 06:51 PM
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    Welcome to the club!
    01-05-11 08:53 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com, if you have any questions just ask!
    01-10-11 09:20 AM
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    *PING* lol
    Welcome to CB, have fun with your BB!
    01-10-11 09:25 AM
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    Welcome to crackberry

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    01-10-11 11:39 PM
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    Welcome. if you have ?'s just search! Or you might get yelled at.
    01-16-11 10:54 AM