1. deggyfresh's Avatar
    hello, im nick...people also call me deggy. i have a blackberry pearl 8100. nice to meet all of you.
    10-11-07 11:55 AM
  2. berrywhite's Avatar
    Welcome to the Crack Deggy! Stick around I'm sure u'll love it!
    10-11-07 12:13 PM
  3. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.com! Enjoy your stay, and please take a moment to review our policy...
    10-11-07 12:19 PM
  4. Adam Zeis's Avatar
    Welcome! Can't wait to help you along with your new addiction
    10-11-07 12:20 PM
  5. bwhyte's Avatar
    welcome to the boards, you'll have no problem feeding your addiction while on this site!!!
    10-11-07 12:28 PM
  6. Trevor's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.com
    10-11-07 03:03 PM
  7. deggyfresh's Avatar
    oh yes. playing with my blackberry is an addiction alright...already got yelled at work a couple times...i love that i have wikimobile on my phone and can just look up random knowledge anytime i want..
    10-11-07 06:18 PM
  8. deggyfresh's Avatar
    quick ?...

    i see blackberry messenger...but idk what my pin is..or even how to use blackberry messenger...any walk thrus or way to figure what my pin is?
    10-11-07 06:20 PM
  9. tommymerf's Avatar
    Welcome. Your pin can be found if you go to tools then into status. It will tell you there. You can talk with other bb users and it only uses your data plan. Enjoy

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-11-07 06:34 PM
  10. tommymerf's Avatar
    Correction in options then status.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    10-11-07 06:36 PM
  11. deggyfresh's Avatar
    thank you kind sir
    10-11-07 06:55 PM
  12. Solachica's Avatar
    Welcome to CB !

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    10-11-07 08:36 PM
  13. deggyfresh's Avatar
    where can i get that color pearl program without paying?
    10-11-07 08:49 PM
  14. bbsadaj's Avatar
    even this site is addicting. i think i'll lose my mind.
    10-15-07 11:48 PM
  15. rrrebo's Avatar
    Welcome, Deggy. If I may make a suggestion, rather than padding this thread with different questions every time, try searching the forums. All of these questions have been asked and answered. Remember, we were all newbies, once. Check out the FAQs and Stickies. You'll be an expert in no time!
    10-16-07 09:15 AM