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    I have been a loyal ipod user for many many years and it was stolen out of my car a couple of weeks ago along with my cell phone. I had thought that I would upgrade to and iphone, but the manager at my locat at&t store talked me into a bb curve. I am beginning to think some of the things I was told was possible isn't. These are the issues I am having. Any help is appreciated!!!!

    A. Was told that I can easily import my itune files. Nope....there is a lock on them. Purchased and downloaded clonetunes (if I'm not allowed to say their name...sorry) and I can't get it to work for the life of me. So I have resorted to burning songs to a disc-intor. it back into itunes so the lock has been striped and than loading it on to the bb.

    B. I can load movies on to the bb. Went out and got the 21 free day trial of mobileclonedvd. My dvds have a code built into them....so no movies.

    C. Can I load movies I have already purchased from I tunes onto my bb?

    Like I said any help would be appreciated.
    Please understand I do think that the curve is a great device, I'm just flustered that it is not able to do what I was told it could do.

    Many thanks
    10-27-08 05:56 PM
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    I can definitely tell you this process would have been easier with an iPhone for the uses you are mentioning.

    A* You need MediaSync

    B* Can't tell you how to do this, but google rocks!

    C* Once again use MediaSync as the movies off iTunes are in a different format. Even with this I don't think you can actually use this for movies. I Googled "Free Video to iPhone Converter" and got a great program that you can install the one that converts iTunes movies to other Blackberry friendly formats. I have never used MediaSync, but it may not allow you to sync your movies (not sure).
    10-28-08 03:11 AM
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    Also welcome to Crack!
    10-28-08 03:12 AM
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    I use the mediasync and it works great!

    Welcome to cb!

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    10-28-08 08:02 AM
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    Welcome to CB!
    10-28-08 08:23 AM
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    HELP ME!!!
    I just tried to load a theme from RIM and i got an error "App Error 523 Reset"..... So I reset.... guess what, I get it every time it resets before the phone OS boots up so all my phone has for an option now is to reset and I'm stuck in a continous loop. I have done all I can think of.... pulling stuff out and such.... I lost and begging for help.
    10-28-08 02:13 PM
  7. berry me with it's Avatar
    10-28-08 02:17 PM
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    I'll try doing something with it when I get home from work (soon) I will re-post if I figure something out... I just got the new OS and a bundle of new programs and I'm just going to kick myself if I can't get back and running
    10-28-08 02:26 PM
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    Alright, for anyone else that falls into the endless loop of reboot... the phone needs a swift kick in the ****. here's what what I did.

    1. take the battery out and connect the phone to your PC and open the Desktop manager.
    2. click start on your application loader and you will be prompted for your password.
    3. the loader will remove everything and then reload the OS and core apps. once the app loader says that it is Initializing device quickly re-insert the battery.
    4. let the phone finnish doing its thing and now its back to how it was from the store.

    all thats left is to restore a backup and get your stuff back.... hopefully you do teh occational backup.
    10-28-08 05:31 PM