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    Hi there,

    I am new here. I just enter the world of Blackberry ( a bit late huh?)
    Firstly please accept my apology if the question have een asked before. I did search on the topics in crackberry forum but could not find it. i guess my problem is pretty basic set up issue.

    I have just upgraded my OS to 4.5. The web browser now is using arrow. my question: Is it possible to change the speed and smoothness of the arrow? If so, can anyone advise me please?

    Thank you all,
    11-20-08 08:46 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    there is no setting for that but you can change your trackball sensitivity under options/sceeen keyboard
    11-20-08 08:48 PM
  3. greg24's Avatar
    80/80 is a good speed

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    11-20-08 09:18 PM
  4. johnmorganjr1's Avatar
    I'm at 80 80 and it works great. Just play around with the various speed to see what works for you.
    11-20-08 09:25 PM
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    Hello, and welcome to CB!
    11-21-08 12:09 AM
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    11-21-08 01:51 AM
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    Welcome to CB!!!!

    11-21-08 10:18 AM
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    Wlcome aboard!

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    11-21-08 10:43 AM
  9. stroberry's Avatar
    Not only the handheld is such a great stuff but the community is also so welcoming and warm!
    It's getting better and better..
    Thanks guys and girls!
    11-22-08 08:26 AM
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    welcome have fun look around...
    11-22-08 08:45 AM
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    welcome to cb stroberry
    11-22-08 09:21 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the CB family!

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    11-22-08 11:08 AM
  13. octum's Avatar
    New BB Bold user and I am unbale to either find or enable my bold to sync my e-mail. The contacts calander task notes are fine when I sync with a USB. E-mail is also not being revieved from my pop3 mail acoounts. Any help and direction would be appriectated
    11-22-08 11:37 AM