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    Hey guys... I will quickly try to fill you in, I have had my blackberry 8330 for about a year and a half but just recently found Crackberry and I LOVE IT... I have never been a "technology kind of guy" but I feel like I am missing out on so much when it comes to our blackberrys and I am ready to learn...

    First, I am a Mortgage Broker and Realtor so I use my phone non-stop for business, i.e. emails, texting, phone calls but I feel like there might be some apps out there that could maybe help me with using the phone for scheduling, reminders, be better able to read attachments from emails... Is there specific apps out there for these things and I know we have an apps forum but I wont lie, I am very busy which in return makes me a little lazy when it comes to looking for this stuff so I was trying to see if anyone had specific apps they knew of... Also, I am dying for the tour to come out(like everyone else it seems) and I plan to get it, would I be able to transfer the apps I download on the 8330 over to the tour or will I have to purchase them new again?

    And the last question is does anyone know where I could find a schedule for an actual "blackbery class", I am with Verizon and live in CT and one poster who works for Verizon said he does weekly classes but I have called Verizon and they dont know of anything like this from what two different customer service reps have said... Thanks for any help anyone can provide, I appreciate your time!

    Oh shoot, one more, does anyone hook there blackberry up to their laptop, whats the benefit? I would like to see if I could start using my blackberry email as my main email for work but I like being able to email from my laptop with outlook instead of my phone when I do have the laptop in front of me... and could I use my blackberry as a modem? Sorry again for all the questions and if some of these seem like stupid ones but like I said, I really am not good with the whole technology thing... but I am trying to be!
    06-10-09 01:34 PM
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    I have a gmail account so I got the gmail app which handles attachments a little better.

    Yes you can transfer all your information, including any 3rd party apps that you have, over to the Tour, as will I. I would use Desktop Manager software to switch devices when the time comes.

    I would just read a ton on this forum and you should learn all you need to know and more.

    I hook my phone to my desktop so that I can back it up and transfer information and media (pics, music, videos, documents). While it is plugged in, it will also charge the battery. You can sync your outlook email account with your phone so that it will go there as well, if that is what your wondering.

    Look into "tethering" with your blackberry...
    06-10-09 02:19 PM
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    Also, right here in the CB App Store, there are a few apps you might find useful. For example, there is a Mortgage Calculator.
    06-10-09 02:43 PM
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    Thank you guys very much for the responses... I appreciate it and I am going to look into that tethering because that would be really nice to have on the road instead of having to look for Wifi... and also having the mortgage calculator on the phone instead of having to carry my mortgage calculator just about every where I go would be nice as well!!! THANKS!
    06-10-09 02:51 PM
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    The BB messenger is great if you can set up an account with another BB user. I use it constantly. Best texting ever.
    06-10-09 02:57 PM