1. ralarosa's Avatar
    Hi, I am new to the forum and thought I'd join. I've been a user for about 7 months now and spend a lot of time at BBF. I've seen plenty of links to here and thought I'd take a look.
    11-02-07 11:07 AM
  2. chinesecatt's Avatar
    Welcome to the forum ralarosa!
    11-02-07 11:15 AM
  3. Philip.Massey's Avatar
    Yeah. I'm addicted already. LoL
    11-02-07 11:33 AM
  4. bassthumpa's Avatar
    It doesn't take long to get hooked. Welcome!
    11-02-07 12:01 PM
  5. wolfscmb's Avatar
    welcome to the crack
    11-02-07 12:02 PM
  6. Bedrock's Avatar
    Welcome to CB, the possibilities are endless
    11-02-07 12:13 PM
  7. rhupf's Avatar
    Welcome...always room for one more...
    11-02-07 02:33 PM