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    I just got my second Blackberry, a 8703e and spent all of yesterday with tech support or at Verizon. Finally at the end of the day, all my icons are there and I'm receiving my emails and phone calls. However, all my emails go into the message icon and it shows the other two email icons empty. I could live with it -- at least I know where to find them. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. The other thing I've never figured out is how do you put pictures on the Blackberry?
    08-13-07 10:45 AM
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    When you connect it to your computer it should show as a storage device.
    All you have to do, as far as I know, is copy or put the pics or music in their folders in the multi media folder on your bb.
    They should show up then.

    Hope this helped
    08-20-07 12:07 PM
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    Here is the address for the Desktop Mangler it may or may not help you.

    BlackBerry™ 4.x Software Download
    08-20-07 12:43 PM
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