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    Hi everyone,

    I just have some questions... Hopefully I won't bore you to much .

    1. I currently have a BB8800, I am really wondering if I want to get a Curve, what are the distinct differences in the two .

    2. My BB8800 plug in port is kind of wiggly , is that a problem ? I have had this device less than a year... I think, but have been using a Tilt with the Blackberry Feature. Just recently swapped back to the Blackberry after I found this sight... so much stuff here that can be done with a Blackberry that I would have not thought about. I left Blackberry because of bordem. This site has put the spark back in my love for Blackberry.

    3. I did register, and I did goto a forum (Took me a while to figure out that I had to scroll all the way down passed the disappearing links to get to the forum), I downloaded some files:...it is a blackberry; LBS; and Platform all "ALX" files. What are these and where do I put them to use them?

    Thank you,

    KJC (msblueline)

    ps...I put the cart before the horse and messed my name up. It is supossed to be "msblueline" I added and extra "L" by accident. What would the chance be of getthing that fixed?
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    03-03-08 07:31 PM
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    Hi, the curve has wifi, I'm new myself so I'm bloody useless at answering your other questions, sorry and welcome.
    03-03-08 07:47 PM
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    Hello and welcome to CB, msbluelline.
    Not sure what you mean by disappearing links.
    03-03-08 08:08 PM
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    welcome to the CB family! :]
    03-03-08 08:23 PM
  5. Nismotic's Avatar
    You get a camera with the curve
    03-03-08 11:05 PM
  6. Garz's Avatar
    Welcome back. I bought my wife a TILT for Christmas because she really liked it(for some reason). Now she wished she would have bought the Pearl instead once she realized what my BB can do. I could have exchanged if she would have told me within the 30 day window. Now she is stuck.
    03-03-08 11:11 PM
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    WELCOME! I love my Curve.
    03-04-08 01:12 AM
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    Welcome to CB!
    03-04-08 07:02 AM
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    I love my 8800 and if I was in your position I would stick with it. But it's your choice; do you need a camera inside your phone? also the Curve can have WiFi but to get WiFi in a Curve you have to sacrifice your GPS. Or you can get a Curve with GPS but no WiFi...

    Hope that helped!
    03-04-08 10:41 AM
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    Welcome to CB Ms. Blueline
    03-04-08 10:47 AM
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    Welcome to CB!!!
    03-04-08 11:24 AM
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    Thank you all for you great hospitality ... You really know how to make newcomers welcome ...Thanks

    I did want to make mention...that the "ms" in my name is not femanine... and a ladybug is not always a lady (bugs life, I think).

    Anyway, the "ms" stands for Mississippi and the blueline stands for law enforcement. I messed my name up...oops

    I just wanted to thank you all for your comments and the warm welcoming I got to the forum. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship .
    03-04-08 07:13 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry!
    03-04-08 09:16 PM
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    Welcome to CB! I've been a 8830 user for a month and love it. Get to know your BB and you will love it too!
    03-04-08 10:00 PM
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    Welcome to CB it's fun here
    03-04-08 11:27 PM
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    haldo and welcome!
    03-05-08 07:44 AM
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    Hello and welcome aboard!!!
    03-05-08 09:15 AM
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    hello and welcome to the forums
    03-16-08 07:17 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry
    03-16-08 07:43 AM
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    Hi and welcome.
    03-16-08 10:31 AM
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    Welcome to CB!
    03-16-08 12:39 PM