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    Hi all, I just picked up a BB 7750 on ebay and I LOVE IT! so far I just use it for minor note-taking but it's MUCH easier to use than my Tungsten Palm and a heck of a lot sturdier too! Oh and the battery life has my Palm OS turning green with envy, even on a used battery.

    I have one BIG problem however:
    I can't find a basic freeware RTF or TXT word processor that will work on BB OS WITHOUT requiring an internet connection (service is spotty up in the boonies

    I've tried the eOffice and it barely fits on the poor thing and doesn't work, besides. I've tried BBText Notes and it won't run on this OS (can't find an older instal version either). I've tried txtnotes and it gives me a "javax.microedition.io.file File Conntection not found" which I've found very little info on, even on this braincell-overstocked forum.

    So if anyone knows where I might find a freeware RTF or txt editor for BB OS I'd be greatful!

    Thanks in advance!
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