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    Hi guys. I've had the Bold for two days and I really like it! I had a pearl for about a year but I didn't really like it. It was slow and not powerful like a bold.

    I have to say I'm guilty of not installing any applications. Well, on my pearl I only installed a sedoku game and telenav maps which was very slow and I never used it. I had internet (which was slow) and email (very useful) but basically I haven't come close to using a BB to its potential. You think I'm an addict now? Haha! Well the gorgeous screen is enough. I can't stop looking at it. Although I have a wrist watch, I find myself using the Bold to check the time. So I hope get to know great people and further advance my bold with awesome apps. I'm about to ask about installing AIM on the bold in the right section because it's telling me my device does not meet the system requirements? Unless someone knows here, thanks!

    edit: nvm about aim, when i tried to install it thru blackberry.com/aim it didn't work but going through mobile.blackberry.com it worked.
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!
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    welcome to the site. once here you will never leave, hahaha
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    Welcome to the CB family.

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