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    Hi all!

    This past week my wife and I went to Verizon to get new phones. I had been toying with the idea of a BB, and decided to go for it. So, I've only got a week's experience, but love it so far.

    Onto my question: I plan on using the phone for the phone and a lot of email. I don't think that I'll use the web or download a ton of large files. What reasons would I want a storm over my current Curve? Besides thr "cool" factor, will it bring me a lot more functionality?


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    11-14-08 07:25 PM
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    The Storm is a touch screen phone, the Curve has full QWERTY. If you plan on texting a lot, the keyboard is nice.

    I personally had a touch screen phone (I had the Voyager through Verizon), and I hated the phone. It was a cool phone, but just not practical to use with the touch screen.... and the Voyager even had a full keyboard when you flipped it open! But because the touch screen was front and center, the phone would inadvertently unlock itself and call people randomly!

    I now have the Curve 8330, and it's the best phone I've ever had. Whatever you decide, BB makes the best phones ever! I suggest you really spend a lot of time thinking about HOW you plan to use it most - then the answer will come easy!

    Cool does not surpass practical functionality. Trust me on that one.

    Good luck!

    And, welcome to CB!

    ALSO - THANKS FOR BEING MY 500TH POST!!! I am now an official "Crackberry Addict"!!! :-)
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    My wife got a Dare and I can't stand the touch screen...although I realize it won't be the same as the Storm's.

    I suppose I'll go to the store after the 21st and spend some quality time with the Storm.

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    11-14-08 07:49 PM
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    That is always the best way to get a phone you want, test it out.

    The Storm will definitely have a different type of touchscreen, may be better or worst, but you won't know until you mess with it.

    The Storm has more memory and a larger screen for media/movies, reading emails and browsing photos. This would be a few of the advantages.
    11-14-08 10:25 PM
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    Always good advice. As mentioned, the Storm is a touchscreen BlackBerry - but being a "clickable" touchscreen, it brings a 3rd dimension to what other touchscreen devices have had for years now.
    Some people love touchscreens, others prefer the more tactile sensation of a physical keypad. That is NOT to say the Storm is a "best of both worlds" design - what it is instead, is something that could possibly find a home with users of either camp.
    But some in-store test driving is absolutely necessary.
    You might love it, or positively hate it.

    As for advantages over the curve?
    Better web browser. Faster processor. Increased screen real estate with higher rez and number displayable colors. Upgraded camera. Able to support cards with more memory. Etc, etc.
    Worth a look, anyway.

    Another thing, is that RIM has been making noise about an "application store" where you can download new programs straight from & to your BlackBerry. I'd imagine their top-line devices would be slated to take full advantage of this - meaning there will probably be more developers working on apps for the newer BlackBerrys out such as the Storm, Bold & new Curve, than for older models.

    As a Mac user, I also wonder if whenever RIM releases Mac-compatable software for the BlackBerry (supposedly first Qtr.2009), if it will run better on the newer models than older ones.
    Anyhoo- some food for thought.
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