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    Hey there,

    I recently got my Blackberry Bold 9000 on Vodafone UK, 4 days ago.

    Previously I had the Vodafone v1615, of which is a rebranded HTC Kaiser/TyTnII, and runs Windows Mobile 6.1 - Its not an extremely well built phone - firstly, my first one cracked due to the slider mechanism - the thin plastic outer casing was taking all the impact of the slider, and hence, after 14 months, cracked. It was replaced under warranty. The new one, only 3/4 months old, - its microphone stopped working properly. When in a phone call, my voice was 'drifting off' and nobody could hear me. Also, the software kept crashing - at times you dont want it to - and probabily every 1 in 10 phone calls I got, the phone crashed upon recieving the call! Then the chrome-like stuff on the phone started chipping off near the camera, the camera didnt have a flash, and then the refresh rate on the camera when taking a picture was AWFUL. The GPS was really slow at warming up too. 30mins on a cold start? - Other than that, it was excellent - But the push email wasn't bad to be honest!

    So what do I think of my Blackberry? - So far, its BRILLIANT!

    So who am I? - A Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Warwick, Coventry, UK - And of course, when a lecture's cancelled, I now effectively get my notification email from the university as a push email notification on my blackberry and thus don't crowd up with all those waiting in the lecture hall wondering why nobody's turned up

    As well as electronics and phones, I am a car enthusiast.

    Don't hesitate to add me on facebook, facebook.com/sunnyburk


    07-02-09 03:28 PM
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