08-18-08 02:21 PM
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  1. WiggsBerry's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I'm a week into ownership of a VZW 8330 after almost two looong years with a Motorola Q. I finally reached the breaking point with that POS and am finding the Curve to be an amazing upgrade.

    As my employer does not technically support Blackberry I'm not able to sync my calendar or contacts OTA, but everything else works perfectly and I'm very happy with how everything works and looks.

    I'm still trying to get the look of my Curve dialed ... can't quite come up with a theme or a setting that I like but I'm sure I'll get settled in with all of that soon.

    This site has been super helpful. Thanks to all who have shared their knowledge.

    07-31-08 08:13 PM
  2. superaj's Avatar
    Welcome and stick around. Your berry can do almost anything especially if you keep reading crackberry.

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    07-31-08 08:15 PM
  3. Garz's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    07-31-08 08:15 PM
  4. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry
    07-31-08 08:16 PM
  5. jidx's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!!
    07-31-08 08:16 PM
  6. pinoiryder's Avatar
    Welcome to crackberrym hope you will like yuor new BB.

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    07-31-08 08:23 PM
  7. Username01939's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry!!
    07-31-08 08:27 PM
  8. EyEz4JB's Avatar
    Welcome to BB and CB. Enjoy the addiction.
    07-31-08 08:36 PM
  9. Jeanetteh1960's Avatar
    Congrats on your Curve - its a great phone.
    Welcome to CB
    07-31-08 08:37 PM
  10. WiggsBerry's Avatar
    Thanks ... I've posted on a few different forums ... labrador retrievers, jeeps ... this bunch seems to be, by far, the friendliest!
    07-31-08 08:39 PM
  11. saechavarry's Avatar
    Welcome to the Crackberry family!!

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    07-31-08 08:46 PM
  12. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!
    07-31-08 08:47 PM
  13. miss_michelle's Avatar
    Congrats on the new Curve and welcome to CB!!!

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    07-31-08 11:33 PM
  14. pr1nce's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    07-31-08 11:35 PM
  15. cain0013's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!

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    07-31-08 11:45 PM
  16. isaacleese's Avatar
    Welcome to CrackBerry!

    It's ok, we're all friends here... :P
    07-31-08 11:56 PM
  17. 49ways's Avatar
    Welcome aboard!
    08-01-08 07:49 AM
  18. Duvi's Avatar
    Congrats on your new device and welcome to crackberry.com!
    08-01-08 10:48 AM
  19. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!!!
    08-11-08 08:55 AM
  20. fishkat's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!! Aren't these Curve phones great!
    08-11-08 09:06 PM
  21. fantom1023's Avatar
    Hello Wiggs, and welcome to the CRACK!!
    08-11-08 11:10 PM
  22. Smooth69Style's Avatar
    Welcome to the CB family, hope you enjoy your stay.
    08-11-08 11:13 PM
  23. seipmoney's Avatar
    hello and welcome to cb! there is a lot to learn here!
    08-11-08 11:21 PM
  24. daglamdiva's Avatar
    Welcome aboard!!
    08-13-08 10:34 PM
  25. bb_bold's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!!

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    08-13-08 10:41 PM
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