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    Hey, I stumbled across this website and had no idea that half of the things you guys talk about doing you can actually do with a BB. New to this, so if anyone share some of their BB curve wisdom out there it would really be cool. Like for example: customizing the main menu options when it is down to four? I saw someone's screen like that and I thought it was pretty cool. Or whatever other cool tips...
    11-23-08 03:41 AM
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    Hi and welcome I responded to your other thread.....see you around.
    11-23-08 05:07 AM
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    Search the forum from above and look for blackberry links to help u get started. Welcome to cb!

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    11-23-08 05:09 AM
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    hi joeylane, welcome to cracberry and ejoy this site
    11-23-08 08:16 AM
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    Welcome to crackberry!!

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    11-23-08 08:24 AM
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    Hey Joey,

    Welcome to CB!

    Ok, for some cool tips, plus an answer to your question.

    1. To "customize" your screen, you need to move the icons. Click on the icon you want to move to select it, then click the Menu button (the one with the BB logo) and choose Move. Then, scroll the icon to the place you want it, and click again to "set" it or place it where you want to. Next time you come to your home screen, it will always be there. Be aware though... IF you change your theme, you will have to re-arrange your icons. :-)

    2. Here's another cool trick. If you click the Alt+Escape key, you can see which applications you have running. This is important if the phone seems slow - because sometimes apps will run in the background using valuable memory. Click Alt+Esc and when the menu comes up, you can let go of the Escape key and use your trackball to scroll through the apps that are open. Please know that (5) will always be open: Home, Browser, Messenger, Phone and Messages.

    3. Always CLOSE each app appropriately, and do not Escape out of the app. If you don't close them appropriately, they run in the background using valuable memory. Important because if you run low on memory, it will auto-delete your phone logs or worse!!! To close an app, while you're in the app, click the Menu button, then scroll down and choose Close.

    Well, that's enough for now. If you want more, PM me, and I'll help. A few days ago - I learned how the BB could be used as a flashlight in an emergency situation.

    These forums are pretty cool for getting the lowdown on BB's.

    Good luck and welcome aboard!
    11-23-08 09:21 AM
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    Welcome... Kristi (thepaintedpony) covered some very good points.

    11-23-08 07:15 PM
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    11-24-08 04:59 PM