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    I just got my 8330 today and I'm really just getting used to it....

    1) how the heck do I set up my e-mail (both outlook and hotmail)?

    2) what's the easiest way to actually browse the internet ?

    3) what 3rd party applications are popular/helpful?

    4) what glitches/problems should I be aware of?

    I know this may be alot of questions all at once, but I need to be fluent with the use of this quickly, as I have alot to get done with my new job as an insurance agent and I really think this will help me manage my workload.
    09-07-08 09:03 PM
  2. TheSultan's Avatar
    Turbo, welcome to the crackberry.

    These are all very common questions that we get here daily. While I realize that time is of the essence for you, you're gonna have to do a little bit of legwork.

    Checkout the "Newbie" section and read some of the How Tos and "101s" that have been written. There's some fantastic information there, and it wouldn't be right for us to just re-write it for you here.

    Do some searches in the forums with the exact questions you've posed, you'll no doubt get 100's of hits with a bunch of great reading (except maybe for the last one).
    09-07-08 09:07 PM
  3. jeffh's Avatar
    1) the email setup wizard will walk you thru the email setup.
    2) for better performance on wap pages, check all the boxes in Options / Browser Configuration. "Support Style Sheets" is critical for the wapforums pages to display properly.
    3) you're on your own for that one.
    4) the internal GPS won't work with any application other than VZNav, even if you subscribe to VZNav.
    09-07-08 09:09 PM
  4. ediggity's Avatar
    Ditto, also go to the how-to forum. You will learn everything you need to know there.
    09-07-08 09:09 PM
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    09-07-08 09:10 PM
  6. turbowhistle86's Avatar
    great, thanks for the quick responses...I can see this place will be helpful already!
    09-07-08 09:12 PM
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    well looks like your in good hands here
    so with that ...welcome to cb
    09-07-08 09:13 PM
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    Welcome to CB!

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    09-07-08 10:36 PM