1. Fireman4uTX's Avatar
    Hi everyone. Decided to dump my iphone and pick up a curve. I only got the curve to see if i'd even like the BB. My plan is to return it on the 4th to get the Bold. So far I like the curve but im sure i'll like the Bold much better. The 1st thing I noticed right away about the curve is that it gets a much better signal reception than the iphone.

    10-30-08 01:56 AM
  2. PvT's Avatar
    I'm very happy with my Bold, I'm sure you will be to. Welcome to CB, a bottomless pit of Blackberry knowledge
    10-30-08 01:59 AM
  3. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!! I'm glad to see that you have graduated from the Iphone.

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    10-30-08 02:08 AM
  4. skyjackal's Avatar
    Hello and welcome to CB! This place is an absolute gold mine. I will also be getting the bold next week and can't wait.
    10-30-08 02:17 AM
  5. gritmaster's Avatar
    Good to have you here Scott. Welcome to CB

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    10-30-08 02:20 AM
  6. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome to Crackberry. Blackberry is known to have better signal than a majority of the devices out.
    10-30-08 04:56 AM
  7. greg24's Avatar
    welcome to crackberry!
    10-30-08 03:21 PM