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    My spouse, two kids, and I live in the US and are rising blackberry (BB) users. What I mean by 'rising' is that we have ordered the BB phones but they have not yet arrived. I am a professional, don't own a business, a GNU/Linux enthusiast, and use smart phones for personal communications. The same goes for my immediate family members.

    The BB Priv will be my fourth smart phone since 2009 and first one based on Android. My previous smart phones were Palm Pre (2009-2010), Nokia N900 (2010-2013), and FirefoxOS Flame (2013-2016). The BB Priv will be the second smart phone for my wife, who currently uses a FirefoxOS Flame; and first smart phone for my daughter (a first year college student who currently uses a flip phone). The BB Priv will be a second smart phone for my son (a senior in high school). He currently uses a small $50 Android 2.2 (Froyo) WiFi only smart phone. We are not your typical family. My wife and I use and raised our two children on GNU/Linux systems. Our children are exposed to Windows (sometimes Apple too) at school, and more recently ChromeOS, as well as through friends. They prefer operating system that they are most familiar, which currently is GNU/Linux. So, when choosing a smart phones, Windows and Apple products were not desired by any of us.

    Because everyone in my immediate family was longing for a new phone and my kids have shown responsibility with their current phones that lasted for 3+ years, my wife and I decided to splurge this xmas and upgrade all of our current phones. My wife and I decided that we will offer our children a limited selection of smart phones. Our original price point were smart phones between $200 and $400 per phone (we did not want to spent $500 each). When selecting which smart phones to consider purchasing, my wife and I decided that security and connectivity (i.e., fully compatible with T-Mobile) were most important (i.e., above all else). Because we don't do 2-year contracts nor monthly payments, price is important as well.

    Note: We live in a rural type area where T-mobile 4G signal is rated as fair and Extended LTE (band 12) is rated as strong. I work in a complex of buildings with terrible signal indoors (outdoor) is okay at my workplace.

    After researching for smart phones that best met these three requirements, we concluded BB 10 phones is a secure OS and BB Android phones have the most security features enabled out-of-the-box (e.g., encryption, DTEK, and most of all timely security updates). After additional research, we selected the following four phones for each of us to independently choose.

    1. BB Passport ($250-$300) - Strengths: Good security (BB 10 OS), Good to Great hardware (keyboard, display, battery). Weakness: Connectivity (lacks band 12), software updates (infrequent), front facing camera (2Mp)
    2. BB DTEK50 ($300) - Strengths: Good security and hardware. Weakness: Connectivity (not confirmed to be white listed by T-mobile for Extended LTE/VoLTE/WiFi)
    3. BB Priv ($425) - Strengths: Full connectivity with T-Mobile, Good security, Good-Great hardware (display, camera). Weakness: Front facing camera (2Mp)
    4. Motorola Moto G4 Plus ($300) - Strengths: Full connectivity with T-Mobile, Good-Great hardware (4Mb RAM, 64 Gb internal storage). Weakness: Display (401 ppi), Lacks security out-of-the-box (security must be enabled manually, indeterminable software update support)

    Note: The Priv price is from Blackberry Shop. Branded unlocked Priv is available for less at other retailers. Our preference is to purchase direct from Blackberry Shop. We are aware that for $75 more per phone, the DTEK60 offers more CPU/RAM and higher pixel camera; however, the extra money for $75 is just too much for our budget because we are reserving funds for some accessories (screen protectors, cases, etc).

    My wife and kids chose the Priv because of the connectivity and hardware. My kids were not put off on the business/corporate shape of the Priv. I was the last to make a decision on which phone to purchase because my heart wanted the Passport. I love the hardware of the Passport. What a great display for browsing the Internet, typing messages, and overall usability. However, in the end I decided that I did not want to sacrifice connectivity/compatibility with T-Mobile. The Priv and Moto G4 Plus are the only ones in the list that appear to be fully compatible with T-Mobile at this time (could change in the future).

    A BB experience for a family will be interesting. We do plan to use BB Messenger. It will be interesting to see how often we use BBM to communicate with each other, what other BB apps we find useful (calendar, hub, productivity tab, etc.). It will be interesting to see if the number of apps goes up (probably will) and by how much.

    As we wait for the Priv phones to arrive, I have decided that the money spent will be worth spent if everyone enjoys using the phone, and if so, whether the enjoyment of the phone is linked to a BB hardware, BB app or a BB system tweak.

    Lastly, I thank the numerous Crackberry forum users for participating in various discussions about the BB Passport, DTEK50 and Priv. I have read many, many user posts that have help us make a decision to consider purchasing a BB phone.
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    11-11-16 03:21 AM
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    That is a long post. Welcome to CrackBerry and enjoy your berries!
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    11-11-16 03:43 AM
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    Great post and welcome to the Crackberry forums.
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    11-12-16 08:18 AM
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    I enjoyed reading your post and the efforts your family and yourself put into research and decision making.

    I've had three BlackBerry phones since 2009 and can attest to their superior build and software.

    You mentioned that you've spent some time on CB already, asking questions and reading posts, so you will be aware of an element in the membership that keeps posting negative stuff - ignore them, I do.

    Congratulations on your choice. .

    (i'm in Aus)

    --Classic, 9700, Playbook, flip - posted using crackberry app --
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    11-12-16 08:42 AM
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    You mentioned that you've spent some time on CB already, asking questions and reading posts, so you will be aware of an element in the membership that keeps posting negative stuff - ignore them, I do.
    Thanks. I must clarify that I have only read posts at crackberry, until posting this thread (my first post).

    Negative posts can be just as valuable as positive posts. I did take into consideration all posts (positive and negative). When it comes to negative posts, I rank higher posts that point out hardware issues that might affect all BB phones (i.e., don't get resolved). There are plenty of 'I dislike' posts, but that is not unexpected. I have not come across a negative post that has dissuade us from choosing a BB Priv.

    I look forward to posting more messages here on how well my family takes to the BB Priv (hardware), BB apps, and BB Android tweaks.
    11-12-16 06:05 PM

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