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    2 weeks browsing in Crackberry.com, Yesterday i got my first Blackberry ever the (8900), and switching from a sidekick 3 to a Blackberry...... Priceless!!!

    You guys got some great stuff going on this site, and i will be around for a long time. I pretty much already got my way around with the device and it's awsome, i do have a couple of questions, as i saw there is several os updates aviable for the BB's and my question is, What are some of the advantages of doing these upgrades? other question is i've seen a lot of profiles that members have their pin numbers and my question is , what is the purpose of that pin number? other question, what type of screen protectors do you guys recomend for my 8900? just a screen protector? or the invisible shield? and last but not least, What case should i get? i want a black case that covers the chrome trimming. I really apreciate the help and i hope everyone have a great holiday.
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    Some advantages about upgrading your OS is that your device will perform better, maybe be faster things like that. Pin numbers are specific to each BB ever made if you know someones pin you can send them a txt or im without ever having to know their phone number and its the fastest way of communicating with someone else that has a BB. There should be specific screen protectors for your 8900 check them out on this website and about your cases there are so many cases made for BB so you might have to look around this site also or try ebay
    05-23-09 11:31 PM