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    Hello everyone! I just got a Curve 8330 through ebay. I am a Sprint customer. I could not upgrade through Sprint since I'm not eligible for lowest pricing so I found a new in box one on ebay!

    I changed to the Simply Everything plan and I can't wait to activate my Curve! I have to wait 3 more weeks to activate it, but I think I can wait. I have to wait till the next billing period starts and the new plan goes into effect to activate the Curve.

    I charged and starting learning my Curve. I'm a first time PDA/Smartphone user and new to BB. I should learn quick since I'm already a tech expert, personally and professionally. I installed the desktop manager software and played with that.

    What is the easiest way to get wallpapers and ringtones from my PC to the Blackberry? Desktop manager or SD card? I have already found a ton of valuable information here on CB so I am looking forward to being a part of this site!
    07-31-08 12:40 AM
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    Congrats on your new Curve and welcome to the board!!!

    The easiest way to get wallpapers and ringtones is to have them sent (via email or text) to your Berry. Then you save them onto your SD card.
    07-31-08 12:44 AM
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    Welcome to the blackberry addicts family

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    Welcome to CB!

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    Welcome to the addiction, you should check out the newbie section and also use the search option, its your best friend for quick knowhow

    07-31-08 01:37 AM
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    Thanks everyone!!
    07-31-08 02:18 AM
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    Hi and welcome

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    07-31-08 04:26 AM
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    Welcome. I too am new to BB, but I'm a rehabbed PDA poster addict that has fallen off the wagon. I already need enter rehab having just upgraded my Curve 8320 OS after one week of ownership.

    Just keep telling yourself "I can put down your BB or get up from the computer anytime I want to."
    07-31-08 07:48 AM
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    Hello and welcome!
    07-31-08 08:38 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!
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    Congrats and welcone to CB & BB!
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    Welcome to CB!!!!
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    Welcome to the first day of the rest of your addiction. Glad to have you aboard
    07-31-08 04:20 PM
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    Congrats and welcome to CB
    07-31-08 04:44 PM
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    Speaking Of Addicts.....boo Yah! 500 Baby!
    07-31-08 04:47 PM
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    Congrats on the new device!! Welcome to CB.
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    Welcome to Crackberry!!
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    Welcome to CB.
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    Welcome noob. Enjoy this useful site

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    Congrats and welcome! I've never owned a PDA, either, but it's sure fun learning!
    08-02-08 04:50 PM