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    I've already posted a couple of questions on the forum about my new Curve 8310 but I wanted to say "Hi" to all my fellow newbies on here as well. I love my new BB and can't believe that I've just now discovered them. I had planned to buy one of the new iphones last Saturday but when I went to AT&T store, started comparing the iphone to the curve and talking to the sales staff, who also happened to be a curve user, I decided on the BB instead. Best decision I made. If you haven't used TeleNav yet, try it. I was really impressed with the turn by turn directions and the maps are quite up to date. I used it to drive to my son's new house in a new development and TeleNav was aware of all the new streets.
    12-26-07 10:34 AM
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    Welcome to the CB fam!
    12-26-07 11:10 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.com!

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    12-26-07 02:16 PM
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    Welcome aboard...
    Have fun...
    12-27-07 08:55 AM
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    welcome to our world..
    12-29-07 08:34 PM