1. VetteVert's Avatar
    100% n00b here...FWIW.

    My small-time rural carrier is CDMA. Currently the best BB they offer is the 8830WF.

    Can someone give me a quick rundown of models? I see the Bold on the BB site...and that it is coming "soon" to AT&T (which has a 3 sq. ft. service area 10 miles from my house). Does anyone know if that phone will be offered for CDMA networks? Is the 8830 the newest that CDMA carriers will see for a while?

    09-09-08 06:02 AM
  2. 49ways's Avatar
    Hello and welcome!

    The 8830 WE has been out for a while. The 8330 Curve came out on CDMA networks 4 months ago. VZW is supposed to be getting a new touch screen later this year. Look here for a look at some upcoming models:

    New RIM BlackBerry phones (Phone Arena)
    RIM BlackBerry Storm 9350 specs, features, and information (Phone Arena)
    09-09-08 08:05 AM
  3. VetteVert's Avatar
    If the 8830 is the newest they have, and the Curve has been out for 4 months...it doesn't look too promising that they will have anything newer for quite some time.

    It appears from the links you sent that the "RIM BlackBerry Niagara" is the Bold for CDMA. The 9350 looks neat too...thanks for the info!
    09-09-08 08:53 AM
  4. 49ways's Avatar
    No problem. But please note that the 8830 is not the latest for CDMA carriers; it's the 8330.
    09-09-08 09:03 AM
  5. VetteVert's Avatar
    Sorry, I mean the 8830 is the newest that my carrier has.
    09-09-08 10:56 AM
  6. VetteVert's Avatar
    Well, they finally have the 8330 now. Is that still the newest phone that isn't Carrier locked (like the storm)?
    03-12-09 07:35 AM
  7. gothookah's Avatar
    Yes...the 8330 is the newest that isn't carrier locked..
    03-13-09 04:39 AM