08-06-08 05:55 AM
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    Well I really dig my 8130, but I'm trading it in for the 8330 after my wife talked me into it. Just ordered it tonight and should arrive by Wednesday. It's not that much larger than the Pearl, which I like. But, what interests me most is the larger screen. Ought to be KooL!

    Are there really any other differences between the two, besides the QWERTY keys and the larger screen?
    Yep, that was me! I couldn't take it that he didn't have the Curve - we just had to have the same phone!

    One little thing I love about the Curve - being able to scroll through my photos by clicking "N" and "P". (next & previous)

    Lovin' the Curve, and now you will too!
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    08-02-08 01:04 AM
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    One more thing I love about the Curve:

    While browsing websites, scrolling is so much easier.
    "T" = top of page
    "B" = bottom of page
    Space bar = page down
    Shift key + space bar = page up

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    08-02-08 11:27 AM
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    Hi and welcome! How great that you've got your wife to enable you! LOL

    Hi edenofgarden!
    08-02-08 03:36 PM
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    I've had cell phones before. Typically were the basic, phone use only, I don't need any expensive options etc. cell phone. This is the 1st phone I've had a real interest in. I know, it's so much more than a cell phone and from here on out will refer to it as a BB...
    Blackberries rule!! Welcome!!

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    08-02-08 03:39 PM
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    Glad to have both 57waggn and edenofgarden on here. Edenofgarden has posted a couple of times in my newbie intro and she seems pretty cool, so I'm sure her husband is just as cool! Welcome!

    08-05-08 08:56 AM
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    Thanks to everyone for all the welcomes! Does that even sound right?

    Anyway, my 8330 showed up today! I dig it much more than the 8130. I was kinda iffy about the "upgrade" at 1st. But now after only using it for a few hours, man this thing is so much better!

    I had already made quite a few "HotRod" wallpapers to fit the 8130 I had and uploaded them to CB. So now that I've got the Curve, gotta make a bunch more! I'll get those uploaded too in a few days.

    Thanks to all for the help and advice so far...
    08-06-08 01:25 AM
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    Hello & welcome to the addiction!!! Also you will be placed in time out for 30 minutes becuse you called it a cell phone. Its not a cell phone, its a BlackBerry...... LOL
    08-06-08 05:55 AM
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