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    I'm currently stationed in Saudi Arabia and I purchased a Curve 8310 right before I left. I'm having a few issues though. First off, Java. What's the deal with it? There's a bunch of pages I can't seem to get to because Java isn't enabled. Second, why is it so hard to view videos on my phone? Am I doing something wrong or is it just too new? Also, I've noticed that for some reason or another it just deletes emails form my gmail account without me doing anything. It's a bit aggravating. Also is there anything I should know about or do to my phone (Programs, cool stuff, etc.)? Special prgrams and such? I'm not very computer literate, so feel free to type very slowly. Thanks y'all. I'm really enjoying this site.

    02-10-08 07:57 AM
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    You can enable Java.
    Options»Browser config»Support Java script

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    02-10-08 09:05 AM
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    On the 8310? I went to options and couldnt find browser config. I did find advanced options. It showed BROWSER and BROWSER PUSH but neither of them had anything to do with Java.
    02-10-08 09:12 AM
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    Why is my BlackBerry losing its call logs or message logs? - BlackBerryFAQ.com

    The Curve 8310 has been out for a while. It is not a new device. You can view videos on the device but you have to have a media card installed and the videos have to be in a certain format.

    BlackBerry Search Results
    02-10-08 09:15 AM
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    the guy at the store told me I could watch youtube videos on it. I may have to break his legs when I get back home.
    02-10-08 09:20 AM
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    try m.youtube.com . maybe that will help?

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    02-10-08 09:24 AM
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    I tried the link on both my PC and my BB. I can search and find items, but anytime I click "Watch Video" on either of my BB or PC, they don't work, on any of the videos. On my PC I get the "Page can't be displayed," and on my BB I get "A problem occured while trying to render the page."

    Maybe YouTube mobile is having trouble today?
    02-10-08 01:31 PM
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    Hey welcome aboard
    02-12-08 07:56 AM
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    I tried that site and got this message: "The protocol specified is not supported by the handheld."Why does it hate me?

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    02-12-08 08:00 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. An alternate means of viewing web pages in a more native format is to head over to http://www.operamini.com and download their free browser. Many people prefer it to the native BlackBerry browser.

    02-12-08 09:29 AM
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    Its options in the Internet Browser.

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    02-12-08 07:03 PM
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