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    Hello all, just got a BlackBerry curve about a week ago and I have not been able to put this thing down, seriously I'm loosing sleep and I use the gps to get to work and I've been driving there for three years. It is hands down the best handset I have ever owned my last was an htc touch and it pretty much sucked. The worst thing about addictions is they are expensive as I'm sure I will have to upgrade to the bold if and when it comes out on Alltel at full retail cost, the constant downloading of apps & themes and I'm convinced my wife needs a pearl now. Anyway this site has been a tremendous help and I'm not sure if I'm more addicted to this place or my bb.
    05-25-08 01:27 AM
  2. liunan's Avatar
    Hi I got mine for about a week too. Love it.

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    05-25-08 01:41 AM
  3. CrackBlack's Avatar
    You're now hooked, there is no turning back. Your Reservation has been approved at the Rehab center. Confirmation number is BBxVZW8330-CB, please refer to this number when checking into the Rehab center.

    Welcome to the Crack!
    05-25-08 01:42 AM
  4. anon(375378)'s Avatar
    Yes, you will be using the GPS to get to work, home, your MOM's house and everywhere else you normally could get to blindfolded. You will set notification tones to all your email,sms and BBM's so you won't miss a single incoming message. You will look for every possible 3rd party app to put on your BB just to make it just that much more cooler. You will wonder why you carried around so many other crap phones and mp3 players when all you needed was your BlackBerry.

    Yea yea yea, we know. We've all been through it. LOL

    Congrats to both of you and welcome to the addiction.
    05-25-08 02:26 AM
  5. Gypsy's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    05-25-08 10:17 AM
  6. THE_BEANER's Avatar
    a week? crap, ive only had mine a few hours and allready i can see that this is going to become a problem.

    it reminds me of when i first saw the game DOOM2 and insisted to myself that i should pwon that game...
    05-25-08 10:22 AM
  7. toolfan's Avatar
    Thanks guys, now I have to convince all my friends to get BB's so we can message each other.
    05-25-08 09:26 PM
  8. jaylew's Avatar
    BB Messenger is a serious addiction.....
    05-25-08 09:34 PM
  9. TexasTrainer254's Avatar
    welcome to your new addiction.....
    05-26-08 09:20 AM
  10. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Congratulations and welcome to cb!
    05-26-08 09:26 AM
  11. fantom1023's Avatar
    Thanks guys, now I have to convince all my friends to get BB's so we can message each other.
    I really like your screen name!! Welcome to CRACKberry!! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me anytime. Have fun and enjoy the site and your new found addiction. P.S. I just got the TOOL logo tatted on my wrist!! How big of a fan are you?!?!
    05-26-08 12:07 PM
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    Welcome to CB.
    05-26-08 12:17 PM
  13. Solachica's Avatar
    Welcome to CB

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    05-26-08 12:24 PM
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    Welcome to Crackberry
    05-26-08 12:27 PM
  15. MrP's Avatar
    Its great to welcome another member into the fold!
    Welcome to the Crack Addiction lol! But seriously...

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    05-26-08 12:31 PM
  16. toolfan's Avatar
    Thanks fantom, I'm a pretty big fan I've seen them in concert 3 times and had to drive over 6 hours for each show,that's the ****s about living in ND. Congrats on the tattoo, always wanted to get some ink, but afraid I would get addicted to that to. Speaking of being an an addict I'm on my curve right now woot!

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    05-26-08 02:22 PM
  17. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome 2 crackberry.
    05-27-08 04:21 AM
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    Hi and welcome.
    05-27-08 07:17 AM
  19. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!!!
    05-27-08 08:54 AM
  20. latina berry's Avatar
    Welcome to CB.

    Bienvenido a casa.
    05-27-08 09:39 AM