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    hello guys,

    first i just want to say that this forum looks awesome! with a wealth of knowledge/info and helpful people. =) i am very excited to join the CB family and get my addiction on.

    i am very new to blackberrys in general, having just bought a pearl 8120. so far all i have done was add contacts into my phonebook.

    now i started reading some FAQs and articles here on increasing available memory and upgrading OS. and my question is, is upgrading the OS something that you veterans recommend as one of the first things to do? my provider is t-mobile and they shipped it with 4.3, and i am not sure if i should get familiar with my BB first and then upgrade the OS later, or just upgrade now. not sure if this is something that's more along the lines of, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." type of deal.

    another question, since 8120 does not have GPS capability, is BB Maps useless to me? it came preinstalled by t-mobile. i plan on installing google maps since i saw that as one of the recommended free apps.

    any help is appreciated! =)
    10-30-08 11:22 AM
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    Welcome to CB!

    It depends how comfortable you are with upgrading. Personally, I waited a couple of weeks before I upgraded my 8120 and after I did, I downgraded it back to 4.3. The version of 4.5 I upgraded to (can't remember the full version) was very buggy.

    Have you read the upgrade downgrade thread in my signature? Great info here.

    Good Luck!
    10-30-08 11:29 AM
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    Welcome to CB. Probably best to familiarize yourself with the phone for a bit, keep reading more here on CB and then later on, after you make a back_up (contacts, apps etc), download a new OS, then sure...


    Without GPS you can still use BB maps, it gives you a general idea where you are via cell tower triangulation, usually within 1900 meters (1900 yards) Just over a mile. You can always remove BB Maps or any other app with your Blackberry Desktop Manager.

    So much information here on Crackberry, bottomless pit of knowledge.
    10-30-08 11:31 AM
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    Yeah, as posted above you should wait and learn the ins and outs of BlackBerry...
    10-30-08 11:32 AM
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    So much information here on Crackberry, bottomless pit of knowledge.
    Haha! Well put PvT!
    10-30-08 11:35 AM
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    thanks for the quick advice!! BlackBerryBob i read through the upgrad/downgrade link in your signature, and although the process doesn't seem too hard, i guess i will try to do minor tweaks to optimize my BB first and familiarize myself with the device before i attempt.

    i know what i am doing this halloween weekend~

    bottomless pit of knowledge is right, just the way i like it.

    are there certain things that you guys would recommend me do right off the bat? other than the practice described in freeing up more memory such as deleting sample videos, etc.
    10-30-08 12:50 PM
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    10-30-08 12:54 PM
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    One other thing T-Mobile released os 4.5 for the 8320 last week, so the 8120 won't be far behind. Your carriers official update is easier and best. May just want to wait.
    10-30-08 12:56 PM
  9. mixinluv2u's Avatar
    cool thanks for the info. that freeing memory link is the one i have been reading.

    is it a general consensus of the members here to use CrackMem instead of the AppLoader method for freeing up memory?
    10-30-08 01:26 PM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    Over a period of several months, the MOP thread and CrackMem developed in parallel. Feedback has improved both and the free CrackMem utility now does nearly everthing doucmented in the thread.

    CrackMem does the actual file management, Applications Loader is still needed to do the device maintenace steps. There is a handy button to let your start it from CrackMem.

    10-30-08 02:31 PM
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    Welcome to CB!
    11-01-08 05:33 PM
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    I'm new to here as well and I'm loving it. Just got a 8330 yesterday so I'm still getting used to it but I love it so far.

    A quick question that somewhat goes along with the thread...

    Are there any apps that come loaded on the BB that are pretty much useless that I should get rid of?
    11-06-08 05:17 AM