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    Just thought I'd say hello to all of you. I've been reading the forums here for the past couple of days, since our company just switched to Verizon and my dad got the 8130. He's had some issues with it (and of course turned to me for help, and in turn I searched here), and you guys are incredibly helpful. I have a feeling I'll be around here fairly often since I opted for a Voyager (don't shun me ) and am not terribly familiar with BlackBerries.

    Anyway, I have a question that I guess I should post here, but I'm not too sure. My dad had his contact list transported from his old phone onto his new 8130. Then when he ran a sync for the 1st time, it created duplicates of a few contacts since I guess they weren't exactly the same as in the phone. (Edit: I should add that the only difference is that in Outlook, the only difference is that there is a company name for the person) I was just wondering if anyone here knew how to solve this. He was getting all of his calendar events duplicated every time he synchronized, but after searching, I finally figured out how to fix that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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