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    I am a new Curve owner and have a problem. I am not overly hi-tech inclined and would like an extrememely easy to follow step by step instruction on how to transfer my Outlook Express contacts to my BB Addy. ?

    I am panicking as I am goingout of town in the next day or so and will require contacting people.
    I'm new here so pls don't flame me.!

    Can somebody please throw me a bone..?
    10-27-08 08:42 AM
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    Use your desktop manager on the pc and it will synch with your BB. Also check tutorial 101 on this site it will save you a lot of stress.

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    10-27-08 09:30 AM
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    Welcome to CrackBerry.

    As teal pointed out, the key is to use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager program to synchronize your Outlook data with the BlackBerry.

    First step, install BlackBerry Desktop Manager. If you have the CD that is packaged with most devices, that will install the program and the correct USB drivers.

    Windows Vista users may experience a failure with the CD, I did. The solution is to use Windows file manager, navigate to the CD and right click on the Start program. Select Run as Administrator, the installation should proceed from there.

    The first thing it will do is suggest checking for updates. Currently the BlackBerry Desktop Manager has been upgraded to v4.6. I suggest proceeding with the update, there are several feature improvements that make it the preferred choice.

    If you do not have the CD, you can download the current package from BlackBerry support:


    After you have installed DTM, the best way to insure everything is working correctly is to do a Backup. Plug your BlackBerry into a USB cable and click on the Backup Icon. Accept the default and verify everything goes smoothly.

    The next step is to Synchronize your device. Click on the Synchronize Icon and accept the default Outlook configuration. That will transfer all of your contacts, calender, tasks and notes to your BlackBerry.

    In future, any new information will be synchronized both ways each time you activate Synchronize.

    10-27-08 12:00 PM
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    thanks all.. still working on my problem though.!
    10-27-08 09:52 PM
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    Hello and welcome.

    What problem are you still working on?
    10-28-08 02:54 AM
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    You have to set your Sync Options.

    On your desktop manager click 'Synchronize'
    Now select 'Synchronization'
    Choose the option to select how your DM will Sync.

    Choose Outlook Express (if that is even an option as I am unsure if DM can sync with OE as I haven't used it in a long time)

    I am also using 4.6 version of DM.
    10-28-08 02:58 AM
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    Welcome to CB! And thanks to Reed McLay, Forums Moderator... I've been having trouble syncing, so I'm going to try your suggestions here! Thanks much! These forums are awesome for great answers.
    10-28-08 10:51 PM
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