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    Hello everyone, I just entered the world of Blackberry about 1 week ago... switched from a Moto Q. So far I love the Blackberry except the ability to stream internet radio, and play Doom.

    It is very streamlined and easy to use. I chose the 8830, in my opinion it is the best looking Blackberry out there. It looks like pure class with its form, and the combo of black and chrome.

    I hope to enjoy my stay.

    Only complaint.. build quality seems a little less sturdy compared to my Q.
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    12-29-07 09:25 PM
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    Welcome to BB Land
    12-29-07 09:55 PM
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    hello and welcome to crackberry..
    12-30-07 06:59 PM
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    hello welcome to Crackberry
    12-30-07 07:34 PM
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    Welcome aboard
    01-02-08 08:39 AM