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    I've got my mail set up nicely so that's all working fine, it's much easier than booting up my laptop. However the Maps don't work for me, well the maps do, but it forever searches for non-existant satellites. so when I ask it to tell me where I am it never has suceeded! Is there something I'm missing?

    I've just downloaded BeeJive to sort my messenger question out, thanks for the link.

    Another Q, is when I take pictures they seem to store themselves on the media card, when I plug in the BB DT Manager - the Media manager says the pic folder is empty, so I guess its looking at the device. I've managed to transfer them one-by-one from Card to device but that's painful with 2Gb! Any thoughts.

    BTW this site is soooooooo reassuring to a new user.

    Also I'm really impressed with the battery life (so far) I don't know why I didn't jump from regular Nokia stuff years ago. I used to think BB users were weird, but there not!!!!!
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