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    Now to be fair, I only have experience personally with 2 blackberry devices, the first of which was a sprint blackberry 8530 that I bought used from a friend back in august of last year. He only had it for a couple of months before he sold it to me. It was my first smartphone, but I hated it overall. i thought the build quality and qwerty keyboard were pretty awesome, but I hated how the user interface wasn't very intuitive, how the hardware was behind ios and android since it had a slow processor, small ram, operated slowly, no touchscreen, and had bootup times that took longer than my computer.

    Because of my disappointment in the device, I knew I wouldn't be able to last long with it, so I decided to upgrade to an android and got me an lg optimus and found myself happier overall, even though I did miss the premium feel and qwerty keyboard, I adapted nicely. The LG optimus converted me into a true smartphone user, I was addicted to that thing, constantly on it to text message, web browse, play games, use twitter and facebook, etc. It didn't do everything I wanted but I was happy to wait it out until I became e,igible fir another upgrade.

    Now the tablet wars got started and I was considering either an ASUS Transformer or an Ipad 2, I never even considered a Playbook. Then I got to demo the thing and just loved how responsive and intuitive it was, but I bought into the 10 inch tablet hype and wanted something bigger. I'll admit, the price drop was the reason I bit and got it finally, but after playing with this thing I would have wished that I got it sooner.

    It is so awesome! It isnt perfect of course, the app market pales compared to ios and android tabs, but really that's the only significant flaw. The browser was definitely better than the ipad 2 because of full flash capability and the performance was better than the android honeycomb os with the exception of the galaxy tab 10.1 which is the only android tab I used that didnt lag. And the 7 inch size is perfect because I can still thumb type and reach the whole screen, something you cant do on a 9.7 or 10.1 tablet unless you got giant hands maybe.

    I hope that RIM doesn't call it quits on the tablets like HP did with the touchpad, I will definitely consider them first for my next tablet, and they may turn me into a phone user too if the bbx phones are awesome like this.
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    11-29-11 08:47 PM
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    I also think that PlayBook is very nice ... except for the lack of apps though ...
    12-22-11 01:46 AM
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    Truly an amazing Tablet. People are brainwashed by Apple and Android.
    12-22-11 03:47 AM
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    Never thought I would own a BlackBerry until I had an ATT rep suggest one for me after countless calls complaining about my then windows 8525 cell phone. Been with BlackBerry since my workhorse 8800 and now my 9800.
    Now typing this from my early Christmas present PlayBook that I didn't even question purchasing. They do what I need them to do...sure they can use some extra functions, but they still satisfy. Welcome to CB!
    12-27-11 09:59 PM