04-02-08 07:52 AM
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  1. alarabee's Avatar
    Hey there. I've had my Pearl for about 3 weeks now. I found this site after have it a full 8 days. I've had some questions and done some searching to find ALL of my answers right here. You guys all rock!

    There are SO MANY applications out there. I'm not really high tech or anything, either. I broke my old phone and decided to get this one. I DEF love it and I'm not planning on ever going back. I use it completely for personal use. I get nervous because I know I'm not using it to it's full potential. Is that wrong?

    I have never seen the corporate world. I joined the Navy right out of high school. I saw the world, went to school and got out after 10 years of active duty. I now work as an Air Traffic Controller in a teeny, tiny little airport. Most of the time, I use my BB for MMS, SMS, directions and the internet.

    I haven't even bought a memory card (yet) bc I'm not sure what I need it for or IF I even need it. I've read a bunch of the posts on here and they are all VERY helpful. Thank you!!

    So....if there are more things I should/could be doing with it, puuuuhhhhlease let me know. Thanks for reading....
    03-27-08 08:18 PM
  2. jimmers's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! No need to be nervous about using your curve to the full potential. Just use it as you are comfortable with. The more you use it the more you'll find uses for it.

    The memory card will be handy to store music, pics and videos on. Currently the curve only accepts up to a 4GB card.

    If you have other questions just ask and someone will gladly help you out
    03-27-08 08:21 PM
  3. dslocumb's Avatar
    The "push" email feature is a big reason that people use BlackBerrys. Set yourself up a BlackBerry email account and add all of your POP email accounts to it that you'd like to see the instant someone emails you and you'll see one of the great/distinguishing features of a BB.
    03-27-08 08:22 PM
  4. garbagefairy1967's Avatar
    Welcome to CB alarabee!! Glad to see you're finding your way around!!
    03-27-08 08:27 PM
  5. alarabee's Avatar
    Thanks! I was wondering what that was for. I saw some threads on it and I didn't quite get it. I am soooooooo technologically challenged. Thanks again, guys!
    03-27-08 08:29 PM
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    Welcome to CB...
    03-27-08 08:34 PM
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    Welcome to CB !

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    03-27-08 08:37 PM
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    welcome to cb :]
    03-27-08 09:27 PM
  9. Duvi's Avatar
    Welcome 2 CB!

    Well if you want to store pics/ringtones/music, you can get a memory card. Depending on how much media you want to put, you can get either a 2, 4 or 8 gb card. The 8gb will be supported in the next OS update...
    03-27-08 11:30 PM
  10. Garz's Avatar
    Check out my favorite site blueapple.mobi to watch youtube videos. It great for when you have down time.

    And welcome to CB!

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    03-27-08 11:35 PM
  11. cindylov4's Avatar

    & You can also customize your bb. Add wallpapers, ringtones, music, pictures...oh and themes! Try themes4bb.com
    03-27-08 11:39 PM
  12. Blacklatino's Avatar
    Welcome to the CB. Check out the forums (FAQs). Lot's of good information
    03-27-08 11:42 PM
  13. wolf.dm's Avatar
    I have a new Blackberry Curve, I am able to receive emails on my phone as I do in Outlook and Gmail on my desktop. However, if I delete an email from my desktop it does not delete the email on my phone. I have it set for the "desktop wins". and my email reconciliation is on. Is there something I am missing or will I have to delete them in both places?
    03-27-08 11:45 PM
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    welcome to cb
    03-28-08 02:32 AM
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    Welcome to the Black n Crack.

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    03-28-08 05:31 AM
  16. yogi's Avatar
    Hi and welcome.
    03-28-08 06:23 AM
  17. Gypsy's Avatar
    Welcome to CB alarabee!
    03-28-08 06:41 AM
  18. raylol16's Avatar
    Welcome and yes as someone pointed it out just use it for whatever your comfortable with. Eventually you will find more ways to use it yourself.

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    03-28-08 06:43 AM
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    Welcome noob.

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    03-28-08 06:50 AM
  20. JazzeeJEF's Avatar
    Manhattan KS.....Interesting!!!!

    Welcome to CB!!!!
    03-28-08 08:08 AM
  21. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    Welcome Alarabee, yes you will definately need a SD card if you plan to start downloading any music, vids, or taking a lot of pictures. If you try to do that without one you will find yourself here again asking what's wrong with my Berry because my call logs and text messages are disappearing. I'm quite sure you've read that already though. Again, welcome to CB!!

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    03-28-08 08:25 AM
  22. anonymous924's Avatar
    Welcome to CB!
    03-28-08 08:48 AM
  23. alarabee's Avatar
    You guys are GREAT! Thanks for making a noob feel welcome!

    Yes....Manhattan, KS. LOL! They call it the "Little Apple". This past New Year, they even dropped a "mini ball" in the heart of the city. It was cute.

    K-State University is located here along with an Army base down the road. It's a great mix of people and has a small town feel with the creature comforts of a (small) city.

    Thanks again for all of your help. I will continue to search this site. Have a GREAT day!
    03-28-08 01:48 PM
  24. Riley2521's Avatar
    Welcome to CB! No need to be nervous, everyone around here is super cool.
    03-28-08 01:51 PM
  25. latina berry's Avatar
    Welcome to CB AMIGO!
    03-28-08 01:55 PM
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